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What does it take to work for MePush?

I’ve been asked before: “What does it take to get a job at MePush?” Is is actually harder than it would seem. Maybe we are a bit antiquated in our small business hiring methods, and processes will probably change as we move into a new Bloomsburg office. Right now, we pride ourselves in having a group of people that are great at what they do and work hard to give the customer the best experience we can give them.

On Independence:

When we hire a new employee, we don’t have time or extra manpower to spend weeks or months on training. They have to know what they are doing already. They need to be independent. They need to be able to take a job and run with it until it is done. When we hire a new tech, we give them a laptop and creds for their new email account and start sending them out to customers that need our help. They are given internal processes (for billing or machine prep), but they are expected to already know IT.

So far, we’ve built a reputation by having the most talented and skilled techs who are willing to bend over backwards to make our customers’ networks run like a champ. Our techs regularly work late hours and all-nighters in project deployments and disaster recovery missions. We don’t have one specific job role. All of us need to be able to do everything well.

On Team:

At the same time that we are after driven self-starters, we have a strong team atmosphere, and we won’t hire anyone who we feel would be detrimental to that. If one of us is in over our heads, we can call any of the rest of our team and they will remote in or come on-site and bail us out. During work hours or after hours, if any of us needs a hand, we know we can call for help.


When things blow up, nobody wants to be exhausted and bumping their heads against a problem alone. IT can be a lonely place with a lot of pressure. When a large customer’s server bursts into flames and they need to be online in a few hours, we all jump into action. We aren’t going to hire anyone who we feel will not have our backs on a late night emergency.

The same team atmosphere shows up in our personal lives, too. When one of us is struggling or issues: car problems, health problems, family problems, etc., the rest of us kick in and help however we can. This happens more often than you would think. Nobody wants to abuse it, but we all know that we can call on our friends at MePush for help. Anyone we hire is someone who we want to adopt into that family. It isn’t just a business. It is where we spend the majority of our waking hours.

On Workload {The Hours}:

It is better than ever right now, and we are working on our processes and setting realistic expectations with customers in order for our techs to have a life. Yes, some people expect to receive service whenever they want, regardless of what time it is and regardless of our staff’s personal lives. We have finally instituted an after-hours emergency rate to discourage late night work for non-emergency work.

Things have changed a lot in the last year or so. Where we used to run full-bore 12-hours+ a day, we are working hard to give our employees a better quality of life, while still meeting the needs of our customers. Now, the long days are less frequent. We are “open” 8:30am to 5pm. We rotate the emergency after-hours every week. Server maintenance and network deployments still often take place after business hours and on the weekends due to downtime that it would cause the customer (normal for any IT person). Any disaster recovery emergency has to be dealt with regardless of what time it is. Techs have to catch up billing, documentation, and technical training whenever they can, and this is often after business hours.

On Applying:

When we put a job ad out on LinkedIn and Facebook and Craigslist, we receive a ton of resumes via email. 95% of them simply don’t have enough experience. We call the remaining 5% and have a few informal phone interviews: one from someone in management, one from a tech. We try to feel out an applicant’s actual skill set and experience, rather than the buzzwords they put on their resumes. During these phone interviews, we talk to the prospect and get a bead on their communication abilities and comfort on the phone. Too many of us geeks are too awkward on the phone to be effective. Since our job is very phone- and customer-facing, it is important that a prospect leave a good impression on the phone. If those phone interviews go well, we schedule the prospective employee to a full day demo. We use a demo interview to see if an applicant is actually able to perform in the field.

Are email resumes really effective? Not alone. If someone really wanted a position at MePush, they would go out of the way to get to know us and introduce themselves in person. Dropping by in person to drop off a resume, offering to volunteer at one of our charity MeGive events, or working an internship are just ideas, but to a creative and hungry job-seeker who is earnestly interested in working for us, those are small things.

On Persistence:

It is rare that we quickly hire someone, even when we are drowning with the need for another set of hands. Why? Because once we hire someone, they are in the family. With most of our employees, we hired them gradually over several months. They have to be someone that we really trust and want on our team and know will be a good fit for us. To us, the biggest mistake we could make would be to hire someone, invite them into the family, and then have buyer’s remorse.

The best thing that someone could do if they are interested in working for MePush, would be to find some way to build rapport with us. We hire a lot quicker when we know the person.

On Warm Bodies:

MePush doesn’t just look for a warm body to sit in a seat. Everyone has to pull a ton of weight, and all of the gears need to mesh right. We care a lot about each other and we care a lot about our customers. We run lean enough that we don’t keep people around staring at the clock waiting for quitting time.