Virus Removal and Malware Removal

Every internet user dreads the possibility of a corrupted system. It happens more easily than you might think. Perhaps you download something from the internet or open an unidentified email. The next thing you know, advertising pop-ups appear out of nowhere or your browser is redirected to a sight you’ve never heard of. Your computer slows down or crashes completely. Worst of all, your personal information may be compromised, putting you at risk of identity theft.

According to a recent professional survey, 89% of all users don’t know if their machine is infected with a virus or spyware. Don’t let anti-virus software lull you into a false sense of security. While effective, these programs, even when regularly updated, can miss things or only partially clean your system. Your system can still be susceptible to infection. If your computer is not operating properly or you are seeing more pop-ups, you may be the victim of a virus or spyware.

Fortunately, there are ways to remove viruses and spyware. MePush will clean your computer to ensure that the machine is virus and spyware free. We scan the operating system and other software, using up to date automated tools to remove the infection and restore the machine to its original state. MePush will restore proper functionality to your browser, if it has been compromised. In short, we clean the machine and make it run like new again.

Our on-site service makes removal and repair quick and convenient. In some cases, we may be able to access your computer remotely, eliminating the need for a service call.  If you suspect that your computer has been compromised, call MePush at 570.524.6894 for more information about virus and spyware removal. MePush provides a complete range of computer services and technology solutions throughout Central Pennsylvania.