Upgrading to Windows 7? Should I Make the Leap

Many customers are asking about Windows 7 and we are selling a ton of Dell PCs with Windows 7 so we thought we would provide some answers to the common questions we hear.

Q: Can I upgrade my PC to Windows 7?

A: The answer is likely YES, but we say NO. That is, if your pc is more than about 1.5 years old I would recommend you do not upgrade your PC. PCs running some flavor of Vista (woe is you if you run Vista) can usually do the upgrade without too much issue, but you still may need to beef up the RAM on your PC because though Windows 7 is a phenomenal operating system it also loves fast computers. Therefore, your pc that is a year or 2 old could be upgraded, but by the time you add the cost of the software ($100+), more RAM ($50-$90), and cost of installation (which is more as you will need to wipe your Windows XP PC clean) you are likely 1/3 or 1/2 of the way to a new PC anyway and then you are stuck with a PC that is a few years old anyway.

Q: Is Windows 7 better than Vista or XP?

A: Definitely better than Vista. Vista is awful and i feel bad for anyone who must run it. As for XP it is better in a lot of ways, but we feel strongly that XP is still a great operating system for a large percentage of users. Windows 7 has an array of new features that many home owners will find very useful, but for the standard business user who is running a piece of business software, Outlook for email, and using MS Office for productivity, etc. doesn’t really need the upgrade.

Q: Should my business upgrade from XP to Windows 7?

A: First you need to answer whether the business software you run to manage the operations is Windows 7 compatible. Most software vendors have caught up and are Windows 7 compatible, some are still not there yet. That said, most applications that run in XP will run in 7. Even if you have the funds to upgrade your entire business or just a single PC to 7, we still recommend most businesses continue to run Windows XP and therefore many of the PCs we sell are installed with XP by Dell and have the option to upgrade to 7 for free. This allows a business the most flexibility in the long run. By installing XP, users get the same operating system they are used to and thus no loss in productivity for the business.

Q: What hardware specs does Windows 7 require?

A: The official system requirements can be found here, but we recommend 4 Gigs of memory and a Core 2 Duo Processor at a minimum. Otherwise, you have a PC with Windows 7, but it feels just as slow as your old PC.

Q: Can I move all my files and email to Windows 7?

A: Yes, as long as you have the software to install on your new PC, you can move your docs, email, contacts over to the new PC without a hitch.