The results are in! 15 #1 Spots for our most recent campaign

We have just finished up a 12 week link building campaign for our own marketing campaign for town + web design. You can view the results here on this Google Spreadsheet.

15 #1 Rankings!

You can see that we were able to score 15 #1 rankings for keywords such as:

  • Berwick web design
  • Camp Hill web design
  • Danville web design
  • Milton web design
  • Selinsgrove web design
  • etc. etc.

Important takeaways:

  • We were able to get all 31 pages to rank on the first 2 pages of Google
  • 30 out of 31 pages are ranking in the top 12 spots
  • 27 out of 31 pages are ranking on the first page of Google
  • 25 pages are ranking in the top 3

Overall this was a huge success and we’ll be starting up our next campaigns soon for our other important keywords:

  • town + web designer
  • town + seo
  • town + web developer
  • etc etc.



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