Social Media Marketing – Beyond Just Facebook and Twitter

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about all of the other social media applications out there besides just Facebook and Twitter. Take a look at this:
  • Social media spending is estimated to be 10% of marketing budgets in 2011 (source: CMO Survey by Duke University)
  • StumbleUpon, despite having less than 1/10th the US users of Facebook and ~1/100th the engagement, sends more outbound traffic (source: Statcounter via The Next Web)
  • Quora, the social Q+A site is nearing 500,000 users and momentum is growing (source: TechCrunch + FastCompany)
  • Stackexchange, a platform for Q+A sites, already exceeds 650,000 registered users (source: StackExchange)
  • Reddit grew 230%+ and now receives nearly 1 billion pageviews/month (source: Reddit via Mashable)
  • LinkedIn has likely passed 100 million users; they were at 85 million in November, adding ~1million/day (source: CNN Money)

If you have the task of promoting your company’s brand through social media, then you should begin participating in all the platforms that might matter to your company. The following are some recommendations for the average social media marketer to consider, grouped by users:

100 Million+ Users

25 Million+ Users

10 Million+ Users

Coming Up

Remember, it’s important to know who you are marketing to and what industry you are marketing to as well. Answer questions like “where is my audience online?” and “how do I interact with them?” For video, use YouTube, for music, think about Myspace, for photography, you should be on Twitter..

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