Smartphone GeoTagging Security Warning

This post is extremely important! Please read and share it with your friends and family!

Smartphones are becoming more and more popular with time. Whether it be an iPhone, a Droid or a Blackberry, they are all capable of giving away your location, posing a major security risk!
How do they do this? Smartphones with GPS and a camera come with a little-known feature called “GeoTagging”. Essentially, when you take a picture your phone will collect GPS data about your location at that point in time and attach it to the photo as “metadata”. This metadata isn’t viewed with the picture, but nevertheless it is there.
If you then share the picture with anybody through email, Flickr, Twitter or upload it to Craiglist, anybody who knows about the data can simply right click on the image and view this hidden data. They can also use browser plug-ins to view the data in more detail and pull up maps using the embedded GPS coordinates.
What are the major implications of this? Say you take a picture of your child and upload it to Flickr for all of your friends to see. Anybody who can view or obtain that picture has the ability to open the hidden data in that picture and learn where the picture was taken, possibly your home.
GeoTagging is a major security risk that should not be ignored! If you know anybody who owns a smartphone, or if they may know somebody who does, share this post with them. You never know, you could be saving a life.

Watch this video for more details: