Quickbooks PDF Printer Fix for 64bit Win 7

  1. Delete Quickbooks PDF printer via remove device in printer area
  2. Delete printer all Amyuni drivers in the Administrative Tools, Printer Management area
  3. Open up printer properties for any printer, go to Ports and Delete the nul port
  4. Go to Program Data (hidden folder on C drive), delete qbprint.qbp and wpr
  5. Go to quickbooks program files folder and run file called reboot.
  6. Also right click on Install and run as administrator, this will recreate the Amyuni printer
  7. then go to printers and Right click on new Amyuni printer and rename to exactly “QuickBooks PDF Converter 2.0”
  8. Then go to Advanced in printer properties and check spool printer documents first, uncheck any checkmarks below that and then recheck Print directly to printer
  9. verify that printer is using NUL port
  10. Open Quickbooks, save as pdf, first time you will get error -41, do it again and you are fine.