“Ok Google, Talk to MePush.”

Google Assistant Platform Can Call MePush for You

MePush, a technology services company with locations in Lewisburg and Bloomsburg, recently built the skills into the Google Assistant platform to contact MePush for help directly from the device.

Clients in need of MePush’s services can simply say, “OK Google, Talk to MePush” and then the platform asks some key questions like: name, phone, business or personal computer, and the type of problem. Afterwards the device contacts MePush directly and creates a ticket in their customer service system.

The lead on the cutting-edge project was Tyler Helwig, an IT Specialist at MePush.

This new technology makes it easier for MePush to ask the proper questions of clients, and even easier for the client to conveniently contact the company in addition to phone or email.

MePush offers IT support, managed services, hosted services, web design, application development, consulting, and computer repair. The company donates hundreds of computers to families and non-profits in need through our MeGive program each year. They are partners with VMware, Veeam, Cisco, Google, CloudFlare, Dell, and Microsoft to name a few.