Michael Frauenhoffer Hacks at CyberSec Symposium 2019

Michael at BloomCON 0x02            You all remember Mike, right? Since we have a second Mike, we lovingly refer to Mike as M.1.  He’s the hacker we hired (see: https://mepush.com/we-hired-a-hacker/) a few years back.  Mike gathered experience and training in the Air Force, went to Bloomsburg University and studied Digital Forensics there.  He was also active in the Cyber Defense Club and active in the regions hacking and security event:  BloomCON.  MePush sent him to DEF CON and had him speak at several educational events during his time with us, where he tried to help users understand risks of malware/ransomware, phishing, and hacking threats.

Mike has competed in several hacking competitions, bug hunts, and capture the flag (CTF) blue-team/red-team competitions.  Constantly studying cyber security and putting it into practice, he has become a subject material expert in the field.  Active in the OWASP community as well as the local cybersecurity community, he realizes that it is important to grow with and help others through community involvement.  We can’t say enough good things about Michael Frauenhoffer.

At MePush’s CyberSec Symposium on October 3, 2019, Mike is going to be:

  • Doing a hacking demonstration
  • Speaking on pwning your computer: Your computer from a hacker’s point of view

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Mike’s talk:

My Favorite Computer is Your Computer:

An introduction into how hackers make money off of small- and medium-sized businesses.

Hackers are notorious in Hollywood for the statement “I’m In!” from notorious shows like Mr. Robot and Criminal Minds to movies like Snowden and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  You usually hear the good or bad hacker exclaim this when they’ve “owned the system, followed by explosions or some grand finale sign of rebellion.

However, the real world is much different.  Cyber criminals are constantly looking for new ways to make money.  Usually they do this by using businesses as a means to an end; stealing and selling their data.  The initial breach of information systems is the first step in a sophisticated and persistent process, but unlike Hollywood, there is no one shouting “I’m in!”

These days, hackers won’t let you know that they’ve taken over your systems.  They won’t make annoying things flash on your screen.  They will stay inside your network, owning machine after machine, collecting data on your employees, your contracts, your clients, your designs, and your banking information.    It is much more profitable to stay quiet and undetected than to give you any reason to suspect that they are there.

Mike Frauenhoffer
From malicious crypto miners stealing a company’s computing resources to data breaches and data leaks. Michael Frauenhoffer’s talk will discuss many avenues hackers take after “they’re in.”

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