MePush Opens Cisco CCNA Study Sessions to other IT Pros

MePush is hosting Fall study sessions for Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching and we invite any fellow geeks that are also studying for the exam.  All are invited. If you are an IT Pro in the area and want to take the CCNA soon, come and study with us!

You don’t have to come to all of these if you aren’t a MePusher.  Come when it fits in for you!


Study sessions, not formal training.  Interactive whiteboard discussions and video training, as well as working through some labs together.

This is not enough to pass the CCNA.  You still need to invest your time to study on your own.  This will definitely be a good supplement to home study and get you test ready!


    At MePush in the conference room.  We’re located at 130 Buffalo Road, Suite 103, Lewisburg, PA 17837. There is limited seating, so shoot an email to [email protected] if you plan on attending so that we have a headcount.


9/13 (Thursday), 3pm – 5pm: Video: Intro to Networking: OSI Layers (Pluralsight)
9/13 (Thursday), 5:15pm-8pm: Cisco Learning Labs ICND1 Videos (Cisco Learning Labs)
9/27 (Thursday), 3pm – 5pm: IPv4 Subnetting Whiteboard Training & Practice
9/27 (Thursday), 5:15pm-8pm: Video Night: Subnetting (Dan Courses & Cisco Learning Labs)
10/4 (Thursday), 3pm – 5pm: Live Demo led by Dan Eisley: Router on a stick, VLAN, switch config
10/4 (Thursday), 5:15pm-8pm: Video Night: Intro to VLANs for CCNA (Pluralsight)
10/25 (Thursday), 3pm – 5pm: NAT for CCNA (Pluralsight)
10/25 (Thursday), 5:15pm-8pm: Group Lab Scenarios (Cisco Learning Labs)
11/08 (Thursday), 3pm – 5pm: WAN Technologies (Pluralsight)
11/08 (Thursday), 5:15pm-8pm: Cisco Learning Labs ICND2 Videos (Cisco Learning Labs)
11/15 (Thursday), 3pm – 5pm: OSPF and EIGRP Discussion/Whiteboard
11/15 (Thursday), 5:15pm-8pm: OSPF & EIGRP (Pluralsight)
11/29 (Thursday), 3pm – 5pm: Skills review and discussion, Q&A
11/29 (Thursday), 5:15pm-8pm: Group Lab Scenarios (Cisco Learning Labs)
12/1 (Saturday), 9am-11am: Practice Exam & Cram Session
12/1 (Saturday), 1pm-5pm: Practice Exam & Cram Session
12/6 (Thursday), 3pm-5pm: Cram Discussion
12/6 (Thursday), 5:15pm-8pm: Group Lab Scenarios (Cisco Learning Labs)



Cisco CCNA is a common, but major certification in our industry.  We know that it is a big (and intimidating) undertaking for some IT pros, so we want to open up our study sessions to anyone interested in coming.  If we can help just one fellow geek earn their cert, it is worth our time.

We have 7 of our techs going through the cert process for the CCNA.  Their deadline is 12/31/2018, which gives them a little over 4 months to study.  Our team is going through video content from Pluralsight, studying Cisco Learning Store content and labs, and pulling in from other resources.  These group study sessions are meant to compliment their study efforts.

Ok, but why open it up to the community and your competitors?

  • It’ll be great to meet and study with our peers.  We haven’t met many of you yet!
  • We’ve seen a lot of bad IT work.  By helping train everyone up, we’re helping create a ‘herd immunity’ against bad IT decision making among IT professionals.