Heartbleed Bug

List of Major Websites Affected by Heartbleed Bug

People are freaking out and emailing us about the Heartbleed bug that has apparently affected 2/3 of all websites out there. Here is a great website on what the Heartbleed bug actually is. Keep yourself protected by reviewing this list of websites affected by Heartbleed.

We have also included some basic tips about keeping yourself safe from the potential negative effects of this bug…

  • Remove your browsing history and cookies.
  • Double check that the site you are about to use to bank or buy is updated and patched with this tool from LastPass… https://lastpass.com/heartbleed/
  • Any website you use that you see is affected by Heartbleed needs you to change your password. To be safe just change as many passwords as you can…this can’t hurt you.  This is a great time to STOP using the same password for all websites if you are doing that!
  • Keep an eye on bank accounts etc more than you normally would.