January 1 2020 Changes to Service for Residential Customers

Dear Clients,


MePush is evolving how we do business to better serve you.  After January 1, 2020 we will require ALL clients to have their computers managed on our QuickWatch service in order to continue to receive our top notch on-site, in shop, and remote services.


Why the change in direction? MePush has served clients in the Susquehanna Valley for over 16 years. What started as one person fixing computers on his dining room table has grown into 24 full-time IT consultants focused on the complex technology and cybersecurity needs of clients in Pennsylvania and seven other states. Wonderful clients like you are the reason we grew year after year!


16 years ago, however, the technology challenges our clients faced were less complex and the risks were far less serious. Today, every connected device is at risk of breach and/or hacking and every user needs uninterrupted connectivity and productivity in order to conduct both business and personal tasks as everything we use is online. Keeping our clients’ computers secure and productive requires next-generation software, cybersecurity tools, continuous monitoring, secure backups, regular patching, updates, and a skilled team to manage the entire process.


If we only see your computer when it’s broken or not working correctly, it’s impossible to protect your computer 24/7 and keep it running optimally. Therefore, we urge you to start using the Quickwatch service we have used to keep our clients secure and productive since 2014.


Yes, QuickWatch services from MePush do require a monthly fee per computer, but that monthly fee helps keep you and your computer secure and productive. We understand that Managed Services may not be for everyone, fortunately there are several other Break-Fix service providers in the area to serve you.  We hope that you will evolve with us.


Give us a call for more information, questions, or to sign up for Managed Services.


Thank you again for you continued support and business!