How to Reset Your Modem and Router

Have you ever found yourself without internet throughout your home? Usually, when faced with this problem what would you do? Call in your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? No more!

In the following video you will see the relatively simple procedure for resetting your DSL/Cable Modem and Router (if you have one). Look below the video to see a list of the steps you see in the video.

1) This step is optional. Shutdown your computer(s). Although extremely rare, sometimes computers will not reconnect to the internet until they have been rebooted. You will almost never see this, so you may decide to leave your computer on. If it doesn’t reconnect after you complete the following steps, try a reboot.

2) Look on the back of your router. You can identify the router by the numerous Ethernet ports on the back and, in many cases, one or more antennae. Pull the small black cable out of the back of it. This should be a round connector that easily slides out. If you only have one box, and to the best of your knowledge it was supplied by your ISP, chances are it is an all-in-one unit (modem and router). If so, skip the next step.

3) Locate your modem. It will be wired in to your router and typically only has three connections. They are the input from your ISP, the output to the router, and power. The connector for power will look similar the one you just unplugged from the router. DO NOT MIX THEM UP!

4) Wait 15-60 seconds. Just to be safe, wait 60 seconds. This is the maximum time it should take any residential internet equipment to reset.

5) Plug the power connector back in to your modem. If you have an all-in-one unit, simply connect the power cable you removed in Step 2 and skip the next step.

6) Plug the power connector back in to your router.

7) Give both devices up to a minute to fully reboot. Then, go to your computer and see if you’ve reconnected. If so, success! Otherwise, try rebooting your computer as mentioned in Step 1. If all else fails, call your ISP.

Hopefully this short and simple tutorial will save you from relying on your ISP to reconnect when, in many cases, all that is required is a quit 2-4 minute reboot of your networking equipment. If you have any questions, please feel free to submit them below.