Homeowners! Don’t Pay for AntiVirus Software!

Most Antivirus software vendors will hate us for saying this, but we never recommend that homeowners use ANY of the paid anti-virus solutions. Period! Our current favorite is Miscrosoft Security Essentials. Yes a product from Microsoft that is actually free and REALLY WORKS WELL! Read our post on Microsoft Security Essentials and learn how to install MS Security essentials in less than 3 minutes.

Here are our reasons for never using paid anti-virus solutions at home.

  1. All of the paid ones are bloated and slow down your machine. Uninstalling the major cuplrits like Norton, McAfee, Panda, CA Associates, etc is almost like getting a ram upgrade. Your PC really can use to lose the weight on it shoulders from these terrible pieces of software. Norton 360 is likely the worst piece of software ever created.
  2. It really is annoying when you pay for anti-virus software and you STILL get a virus.
  3. You are likely to get a virus or trojan horse regardless of what you use if you click on something really bad or something that your anti-virus software doesn’t know how to solve. Most of the sick PCs we see in the office require ComboFix no matter what AV solution they were using.
  4. The free versions tend to have a lighter footprint. That is, they don’t slow down the PC as much, don’t take forever to install, and don’t try to control every inch of your PC.
  5. GOOD DECISION MAKING is still the best anti-virus out there. That is, don’t go where you shouldn’t, don’t click on things that do not seem legit, and REFUSE to click on ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU AN OFFER.
  6. Use a Mac and this conversation is moot as you won’t need anti-virus anyway.
  7. Just because a big box store salesperson (ahem…Best Buy or Staples) is pushing you to pay for an anti-virus solution does not mean it is really in your best interest.