Happy Holidays – Beware Phishing Scams

Labor Day, a long weekend for kicking back and relaxing. Unfortunately scammers the world over think that means your IT guys are sitting pool side sipping mai tai’s and not answering their phones. Actually we are not answering our phones because we are rolling out software upgrades, doing server maintenance and fixing the plumbing around network equipment… but the reasons are beside the point. The point is scammers know that long weekends are a great time to launch scams because you guard is down and your IT guy is hard to reach. Take this one:


It looks much like legitimate email from Apple. Except the “Verify Now” link doesn’t go to aapple.com website. It goes to https://manageid-apple-help-updates-something-or-other.com which is not Apple. This “Verify Now” link takes you to a form that looks like Apple’s website even and asks you to log in. DON’T!!! Logging in means the bad guys now have your Apple Services (iTunes Store, App Store, iCloud, Apple.com) username and password. Which means they can view your pictures, contacts and maybe even your credit card information.

Moral is don’t let your guard down just because it is the holiday. And remember look at the URL bar of your web browser to make sure you are going to the page you expect you are going to. Oh and ask you IT guy for help if things seem suspicious… these days, they probably are a scam.