Smartphone GeoTagging Security Warning

This post is extremely important! Please read and share it with your friends and family! Smartphones are becoming more and more popular with time. Whether it be an iPhone, a Droid or a Blackberry, they are all capable of giving away your location, posing a major security risk! How do they do this? Smartphones with GPS and a camera come …

How to Setup Google Calendar in Outlook

This video walks you step-by-step through syncing your Google and Outlook calendars. It assumes that you’ve already created your Google Calendar account. Open the following link and then return to view the video:

Blackberry Enterprise Activation

In order to activate your Blackberry, have your IT support person provide an up to date activation password. This password is good for 48 hours after they gave it to you typically. Watch this simple video to perform an enterprise activation.

Connect iPhone to Exchange How To Guide

To add an Exchange account to your IPhone, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Microsoft Exchange. On the next screen, enter your Complete Email address: [email protected] Domain: ask IT person Windows Username: whatever you use to login to windows Password: your windows password goes here (case sensitive) Description: Whatever you want here If you are unable …

Setup iPhone on Exchange 2007

This is a video tutorial on connecting your iPhone to Exchange 2007 servers. Your user information will of course differ, but this guides you through the process.

Outlook 2010 AutoComplete File

go to c:users(username)appdatalocalmicrosoftoutlookroamcache there is a file called “Stream_Autocomplete_0_(some hex string here).dat” you need to grab the new hex string (for the new profile) and replace that overtop of the old filename

Publish Your Outlook 2007 Calendar via Exchange, Email, or Office Online

There are three main ways to share you Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 calendar. Here is a great video to show you how to share your calendar in 3 convenient ways. Via MS Exchange if you business runs exchange Via Email and ICS calendar sharing Via Office Online Office 2007 Calendar Sharing How to Video We recommend you use the first …

Sharing Your Outlook Calendar in Exchange

Many people struggle with how to share their outlook calendar in Exchange. Here are some steps for Outlook 2007 / 2003 Open Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007. Click Calendar on the left side of the window, or click Go > Calendar. Locate the area labeled, My Calendars, on the left side of the window. Your calendar is found here—it’s probably …