Does Your Web Page Content Answer These Four Questions?

One of the first things website owners need to do, is understand how business on the internet works. They need to get out of the mindset that their website is all about them. People perform internet searches because they are looking for answers to a dilemma they are facing, not to read an autobiography. Your web page content should be written about them.

What Visitors Do Not Want To Read

The first composition visitors should not see, is endless paragraphs of what essentially equates to the company business plan/model. They are not concerned with the mission statement or combined managerial skills and training. Additionally, they don’t want to wade through long-winded descriptions of the website owners. If this is all they see, they may leave the site immediately.

When dealing with offline stores, customers are never treated this way. Traditionally, what happens is the customer is asked how they can be helped. The salesperson does not walk up and start reciting their Resume. The internet is no different. In fact, when visitors initially arrive on a website page that is exactly all they want to know – how they can be helped.

What Visitors Are Looking For

The first thing they should see, is text that grabs their attention. A precise description outlining their dilemma, followed by the way the website’s product or service will provide them relief. The breakdown should fit their situation perfectly. They should be nodding their head up and down, in agreement with what they are reading. This is what will keep them there, and turn them into paying customers.

The web page content should also read in English that is easy to understand. Technical jargon and elaborate words, only prove to provide aggravation. No one will want to stick around to be more aggravated than they already are.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself

You designed your website to be in business. You want to provide excellent products and services, and you probably do. However, you want to ensure that your visitors are aware of the significance of what you have to offer. Go to your website now and ask yourself the following four questions, with the mentality of a potential customer, not yourself:

  • Is the content written in easy to understand English?
  • Does the readers dilemma jump out at you, as if the page is speaking directly to you?
  • Does the answer to the dilemma jump out next?
  • Does it entail an offer explaining how your visitor’s problem will be solved?

Initiate Changes

If there is any content that is not relevant to the questions above, delete it now. Alternatively, move it to a different page. Proofread each sentence for unnecessary word usage. Pretend that each word costs you ten dollars, this will help you weed out any extra fluff.

Mindset Adjustment

Now that the your website home page reads properly, take the time to change your attitude, as well.

From this day on, as your business grows, always remember that your website is not actually about you..

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