Paintball & Pain: Raising Money for Camp Cadet (2nd Annual)

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Camp CadetWhat is Paintball & Pain?

Last year, MePush threw its first Paintball & Pain as a benefit for the Susquehanna Valley Law Enforcement Camp Cadet.  We all had a blast and had some lasting bruises and memories.  Paintball and all associated costs are paid for completely by MePush, so it doesn’t take money out of the funds raised at all.

Why paintball?  It is a really fun way of saying “Thanks” to local law enforcement!

We encourage everyone to participate in the fundraiser and throw a couple of bucks in the GoFundMe link above and keep Camp Cadet going strong.

This year, we are also doing something new:  MePush is donating $50 to Camp Cadet for every member of state and local law enforcement who comes and plays paintball with us at Skirmish.

When is Paintball & Pain?

On June 2rd, 2018, when we local law enforcement and MePush go head-to-head loaded with paintballs, smoke grenades, and loaded first aid kits. Even after the event, we encourage you to donate to Camp Cadet from their website

About Camp Cadet

Camp Cadet 2015Camp Cadet, in our region, is run by troopers and law enforcement from the Susquehanna Valley. It is completely funded by donations. It is dear to our hearts, as we see them working hard to raise money to operate this camp for youths. From their site: “The Susquehanna Valley Law Enforcement Camp Cadet strives to provide a fun, structured environment for youth ages 12 – 15 years old in the Union, Montour, Snyder and Northumberland Counties. We focus on structure, teamwork, discipline and self-esteem during this one week residential camp.”

How Do I Give?

You can give anytime through the Susquehanna Valley Law Enforcement Camp Cadet website, We’ve also set up a GoFundMe campaign to make it easy to give for this fundraiser: All of your donations are tax deductible, since all proceeds go to Camp Cadet, and they are a registered non-profit. If you are a company and want to give a larger contribution, we would be glad to push you some credit and PR, work out co-branding, etc in order to thank you for your donation to Camp Cadet. Contact me via email at [email protected] if you are interested in being a corporate sponsor.

Information for the Media

Go here to donate to Camp Cadet:
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