Experienced Team of IT Specialists

MePush has 10 full-time IT Specialists on staff. Each person is qualified to handle any problem our clients face. Though every customer has a dedicated IT Specialist, we invest time to cross train our technicians so that in an emergency other personnel can be of assistance. Get to know our staff of Fast, Friendly, and Fanatical IT Specialists!

Real Support Right Away

We also utilize a central dispatcher who is an experienced IT Specialist so you can talk to an expert who can discuss your issues and schedule service today.

Money Spent Wisely

We understand that technology solutions cost money. MePush, however, works diligently with each customer to ensure our solutions align with your needs and goals, meet your budgetary constraints, and exceed your expectations.

Comprehensive Service

No other computer company in Central PA offers such comprehensive IT service. MePush provides expertise in computer sales and on-site service, small business IT services, surveillance systems, Apple service and home entertainment services. Our clients rely on MePush for a full range of services, from network administration, virus removal, and data backup solutions to server management, email management and technology recycling. This …

Disaster Prevention

We believe backups even need a backup. Clients that rely on our overly redundant approach to disaster management and data protection never experience data loss. We can restore files from today, yesterday and even months ago. Some of our clients enjoy the ultimate peace of mind knowing we could restore them in the event of disaster to completely different hardware in an …

We Can Fix It Anywhere, Anytime

Our IT specialists provide service on-site, over the phone, via email, via remote control, and in our shop. Regardless of your technical problems, schedule, or location, we have you covered.

We Speak Your Language

Acronyms like “IP” “VPN,” and “DNS” mean nothing to most, if not all, of our clients. We, however, make sure that we explain things in clear and simple terms so that you can understand why the problem occurred, how it will be fixed, and what impact it has on your business or home.

No Downtime!

Our clients need their problems solved fast! Our experienced team of IT specialists responds to your problems quickly and effectively, while working to ensure your problems are solved the first time and for the last time. Every issue will be responded to within 24 hours, guaranteed.