Backing up your files using Cobian

If you’re like the vast majority of computer users out there then you’d agree that most of your valuable information resides in one place, your computer. This is great and horrible at the same time.

How is this great? Computers allow us to store a wealth of information in an easily accessible spot so we can say goodbye to the days of hunting around for that Post-It Note you suddenly need to reference.

How is this horrible? You have all of your valuable information in ONE spot. That means if anything were to happen to that computer you’d possible be out of luck. Perhaps a virus gets into your system and starts deleting files, how will you get that information back?

The obvious, simple, fast, effective and cheap solution is to backup your valuable data to an external drive or off-site backup drive. While Windows offers their own backup software, there is a better, more customizable solution called Cobian Backup. So what would you be expecting to pay for this extremely valuable piece of software? You’ll pay nothing, Cobian Backup is a free backup utility.

In the following video you will be guided through installed and using Cobian Backup with an external drive to prevent the permant loss of your valuable information. To save you some time, here is the link to download Cobian Backup: