10 Ways to Prevent Your PC From Getting Infected

  1. Disconnect your PC from everything. No internet, no thumb drives from friends, no cds, nothing. This way obviously is not practical.
  2. If the email is not from someone or some entity you know, delete it. If you are at all unsure, delete it. If the FROM email is your email or some variant of your email, delete it. If the from seems like an email address that is close, but not exactly like a company you trust, delete it. 95% of all email sent in 2007 was SPAM. That means the large majority of the email in your inbox is not good for your PC.
  3. Going along with the idea of #2, get an email address from a good free account and NOT FROM YOUR INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER. GMAIL, HOTMAIL, YAHOO MAIL all have pretty solid spam filtering and you can view their email via a web interface which means the EMAIL HASNT BEEN DOWNLOADED TO YOUR PC. Your ISP (Verizon, Windstream, Comcast, PTD, Chilitech) generally does not filter well.
  4. DON’T click on things you shouldn’t. If it is an ad or somewhat enticing, it is likely not healthy for your PC.
  5. Goes without saying, GET A MAC. No viruses, end of story.
  6. Don’t visit sites you shouldn’t.
  7. Use OpenDNS.com for your dns servers as they prevent you from ending up at malicious sites.
  8. Don’t use filesharing software like Limewire.
  9. Don’t look at pornography. Porn sites are one of the largest sources of infections
  10. Do some combination or ALL OF the previous 9 items.